Websites to post jobs in Asia


Asia General job boards

Most job boards serve one primary purpose: They’re essential to post, promote, and fill new job openings. The job posting websites listed here are designed for sharing jobs and provide free access to networks of thousands of job seekers.

1. Aussiejobhunt

Aussiejobhunt boasts a network of more than 6,000 recruiters across several sectors, including IT, HR, sales, and healthcare. Thousands of businesses use the site’s free job market to promote new job posts and connect with talent. The site serves over 100,000 members across Australia, and it reaches a social media audience of 20,000 job seekers.

2. Healthcarejobsau

Healthcarejobsau is a specialized job board for healthcare jobs in Australia. Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and private practitioners, other healthcare employees use this site to recruit workers daily. Employers can post an unlimited number of health-related vacancies for a meager fee. With a quarter of a million job seekers active on the site, and employers can view their resumes online for free and locate the best candidates for their vacancies.

3. Nursingjobsau

Nursingjobsau is a specialist jobsite catering for the recruitment of nurses across Australia. Nursingjobsau harnesses syndication to streamline the recruitment process. Recruiters can create an unlimited number of open job postings, which can then be shared with up to 30 different job boards.

4. NZJoblist

NZjoblist is a job board for job recruitment in New Zealand. It's not really in Australia but is included here because of geographical proximity to Australia. Vacancies advertised through the site are made available on job sites and distributed to over 200 job search engines.


Jobsphillipines is a Filipino job board that connects job seekers and recruiters. Recruiters can try the website for free and then upgrade to their paid packages that come at very reasonable prices. Vacancies posted on the site are made available on job sites and distributed to over 200 job search engines. Jobs are made available to colleges, military, and other career sites, making this site one of the widest-reaching recruiting websites in the Phillippines.


In contrast to many other job boards for employers, Malaysia's recruitment tools are virtually unlimited. HR professionals can post as many job ads as they'd like and browse through applicants' resumes with no restrictions. Open jobs are shared directly with over 10,000 users, as well as some of the other sites in their network.


HKjobhunt is an upcoming Hong Kong job board. The site also receives thousands of resumes from new job seekers each week, allowing hiring managers to pinpoint great candidates only by using the filters available on the site's database.